Monday, May 20, 2013

First day at work, sort of


I walked to my new workplace this morning. It was probably just above freezing by that time, but I was snug enough walking briskly and wrapped in my coat and scarf and beanie and gloves. My new pants had been shortened to just the right length and they were comfortable and all was good with the world. I didn't even listen to music until the last bit, I just walked. I was a little worried about the heavy cloud cover, but it cleared up later.

The first morning was taken up with finding out that no one had computer access, and in fact we didn't have security access either so had to be escorted everywhere around the building. Even to the toilet, apparently, although I just ignored that and went by myself -- it was maybe twenty metres away from my desk and I was in full view all the way to the door. My boss was only there for about half an hour because she had to go to a funeral. I was one of three starting today, all women in the prime of their lives. We were given some reading material but then were herded from floor to floor with stops to fill out forms, trying to get us access. Then they sent us home at lunchtime so they wouldn't have to escort us everywhere anymore. I will probably be working from home tomorrow, I've already been emailed some work to do but in fact was finishing my security clearance stuff until late. Hopefully we will be able to go in Wednesday. Had to laugh about being sent home and asked if I minded -- I only took this job to get out of the house!

Before going home I picked up my new glasses, which only took a week after all. I'm used to wearing sunglasses a lot so they don't seem intrusive, and I love wearing them. My eyes are still pretty good, it's only 0.5, but everything looks so much sharper. And I look (even) smarter.

I listened to the introductory session of the Zombies, Run app on the way home, but it was the same as the intro to the C25K version. Still good, though.

There is a stairwell at work! I'll be able to do some stair climbing in my breaks. And an hour walking each day is nice. As long as it doesn't rain. There is no parking left by the time of morning I get there.

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