Sunday, May 5, 2013



I've always struggled with breakfast. I'd been eating Cruskits with vegemite for years, but about a year ago when I got worried about my blood sugar I stopped eating them because they are high GI. Then began the search for a replacement.

I tried steel-cut oats and rolled oats and instant oats. (I found one flavour I liked so they took it off the market.) I tried other cereals. I tried fruit. I tried toast with various toppings (I rather liked the toasted cheese, but felt it was a bit fatty for every day). I went through a phase of having a cucumber every morning. I tried not eating until after I'd taken the kids to school so my stomach could wake up first, but got too hungry and made bad choices. I tried yoghurt with fruit mixed in (they took the only brand I liked off the market as soon as I found it). I tried left-overs. I tried making my favourite soup specially the day before. Even if I had time to cook every day, I don't think bacon and eggs would be a healthy regular choice, and eggs by themselves do not appeal to me at all.

Most things were difficult to worry down, or upset my stomach. I think it just takes a while to wake up in the morning.

So last week I gave in and bought Cruskits again. My blood sugar has been good lately and it was fine two hours after the Cruskits.

But I can't help noticing that about an hour after breakfast I am starving. Much hungrier than if I hadn't eaten anything at all for breakfast. And hungry for carbs and sugar. And if I have a bad morning tea, that leads into a bad lunch etc as my cravings grow and grow.

So obviously this isn't the answer to my breakfast issues.

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