Sunday, May 12, 2013

Mother's Day, anniversary, and zooventure


Today was both Mother's Day and my 11th wedding anniversary. We started with presents, then my lovely husband made bacon and hash browns -- a huge breakfast for me but delicious. I usually have a very light breakfast and then morning tea, today I certainly wasn't hungry until lunch time. Part of the morning was spent dancing along to my new Kinect game, Dance Central 2. So I have a whole new set of songs to conquer! Excellent.

After a light lunch of salad and one chocolate each from the box the kids gave me, we went to the zoo. I'd been given a ZooVenture voucher for Christmas but hadn't found the time to use it until now. I was part of a group of about seven people who were taken on a guided tour of the zoo. We got to feed a tiger, a white lion and a cougar (with pieces of meat held through the bars on long-handled tongs), a brown bear (with an avocado and pawpaw mush slimed onto my hand), a giraffe and an emu (a piece of carrot each), pat a dingo, hold a python etc. The otters were the funniest, in that I was given some chunks of raw meat and then the keeper asked my kids if they wanted to feed the otters too. They and my husband had been trailing along behind the group taking photos but were not paid members of the tour. The kids said yes so the keeper gave them a tiny dead baby mouse each! They didn't seem to mind, I think some kids would have freaked out.

After we thoroughly washed our hands, we went out to dinner at a Thai restaurant. I had accidentally booked the wrong restaurant; it was a few doors down from the one we have been too before and I couldn't remember the name. I didn't realise until we got there. But it was great food. All fresh and healthy too, we didn't have anything deep fried and I only had a tiny scoop of rice. Overall, at this point I was probably within my calories for the day (hard to be sure with restaurant food). But we came home and had chocolate crème brulee for dessert. I had about 2/3 of mine, a whole one had something like 650 calories. A delicious indulgence. Lovely day.

Luckily it was a pretty active day with dance and walking around the zoo for two hours. Still feeling a bit overstuffed though.

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