Monday, May 6, 2013

Tuesday is the new Monday


I was in the mood to get back on track with eating this morning. I generally become angelic briefly on Mondays, but I wasn't going to wait nearly a week to get started. Feeling serious about it again. Weight gradually creeping up.

So I was (approximately) 79kg this morning. I'm back on no sugar or processed carbs. Lots of fruit and vegetables. Working on drinking more water, as usual.

I was due for a zombie run today but I'm putting it off until tomorrow. My right foot has been hurting every time I walk more than about 100 meters for the past few days. I've had this pain occasionally for years, but always before it's been at random intervals, maybe two or three times a year. Now it's every time; walking the kids to school, doing to shopping etc. It's not a really bad pain and it stops after 5 mins or so (even if I keep walking), but it is uncomfortable and I'm worried about making it worse. I'll just do some gentle exercise today, not pounding the pavement.

I'm feeling pretty pumped about how well I am eating today, I even threw out the left-overs of a chocolate cake. And had my tea without sugar.


  1. Everything was going well while reading your post. Up to the chocolate cake part. I have a huge craving now! hahaha, I'll go find a healthy recipe...doubt that I'll find one. Have that foot checked out, maybe it is something more serious than you think, and you end up hurting it even more.

  2. Hi Natalie! Yes, be gentle on the foot. I always think that it is much better to take an exercise rest than to make an injury worse. I agree with Fat2FitGuy that maybe you should get it checked out.

    Your food plans sound strategic and smart.

    :-) Marion