Thursday, May 23, 2013

Back in the office


I've had two full days back in the office after ten years at home with chronic pain, then with kids, and then working from home. I'm loving many aspects of being back. The work is a little dull but by no means horrible, and I'm back with people! Adults, even! I haven't done much chatting but it's great to be surrounded by people. Much less lonely than at home. And I feel kind of important, too, striding around a multi-story office building with my security pass and my semi-corporate clothes. Frowning thoughtfully at TWO computer screens on my desk.

Wednesday is the only day I can work longer than school hours so yesterday was both my first full day at work and my long day. By the time I had walked home (and having to go right around the school to get in to pick up the kids from after-school care in the hall because all the other gates were locked by that time) I was truly exhausted. I made dinner then collapsed. I am still fighting off the germs from last weekend but I think it was mainly just that I am not used to working all day!

I walk to and from work so that is quite nice exercise each day but being in an office again is terrible for my diet. I'm taking my lunch and snacks but I'd forgotten the temptations of vending machines and people selling chocolates for charity. Today I saw a birthday one section over, no doubt I'll eventually be involved in those too at some point. Oh, and did I mention we are right next to the area's major shopping centre? So if I want to pop out at lunch time for anything, anything at all, I can. So far I haven't done very much resisting. I guess I'm going to have to start climbing a lot of stairs!

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