Monday, May 13, 2013

Getting glasses


I should say that I didn't mention my own mother yesterday, on Mother's Day, because we took her out to lunch when she was here a couple of weeks ago for Mother's Day and then we'll take her out again next weekend for her birthday. She lives some distance away but we see each other about once a month. My husband's mother died several years ago, and neither of us have grandmothers living.

Today I spent the morning at the shops trying to find some clothes to wear to work. After trying on a couple of tops and about seven pairs of black pants I gave up. I'll just go with what I have, which isn't much. I don't think it will be a very formal workplace but if I have to I can duck next door to the shops in my lunch break. If I lose a few kilograms I will fit into some more clothes that are currently too snug to wear.

I came home and had lunch then realised that a) I didn't have time to put on the casserole for dinner so it would be takeaway tonight and b) that I hadn't had any fluids yet. I quickly drank half a glass of water then dashed out again to the optometrist.

I was short-sighted as a child but didn't find out until I was about 11, I hadn't realised that other people could distinguish individual leaves on trees from a distance, not just a blur of green. Amazing! So I wore glasses then contacts until my early 20s when I had very successful Lasik surgery. I've had excellent vision ever since, until recently when I've felt that my distance vision wasn't as good as it used to be. My close vision is still great. So the optometrist tested my eyes in various ways and I don't "need" glasses (eg I'm allowed to drive without them) but I do have some degeneration so I've decided to get them for my own viewing comfort. I didn't realise they would take 2 weeks to make! And so expensive.

Then it was time to dash back to pick up the kids from school and take Child 2 to gymnastics, Child 1 to dance, pick up Child 2, get takeaway, pick up Child 1, go home and collapse. Ate way too much rotisserie chicken and chips. It was a healthy food day until then. No exercise today. I should have done some core clenches while getting air puffed into my eyes, and calf raises on the accelerator pedal.

Although isn't trying on clothes a good workout? For the overweight, anyway. I was hot and tired by the end of it.

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