Saturday, May 4, 2013

Snatching victory from under the noses/noseless face holes of the zombies

more Saturday:

I finally did week 4 day 3 of my Zombies, Run! training app, which means I am now half way through the course. Rather surreal considering I am still not running more than 60 seconds at a time. Maybe my free running is not up to scratch as I only continue the same walk/run.

Today I saved the life of injured Runner 6 by luring the zombies away and making them chase me, so at least the effort was worth something.

As usual it hurt my shins and I didn't enjoy it blah blah. Still sticking with it. I mostly ran on the footpath with a couple of laps of the smooth oval. It certainly felt a lot gentler on the shins. Maybe I should alternate or something. But I think a big problem today was that it had been five days since my last run and I hadn't even been keeping up my stretches in between. Need to look after myself.

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