Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Sugar and Satan


Day two of eating excellently well. I don't claim perfection (not sure what that would mean, anyway); I've had a bit of salad dressing, and some oyster sauce and soy sauce. And also two squares of dark chocolate. So if I was going for utterly nothing processed and no sugar whatsoever I would have failed. But I'm not. So I didn't.

My days are currently revolving around work things, some of which are a bit frustrating. I finished editing a manuscript and sent it back to the author. She asked me to make a few changes/additions (I always expect some revision, and allow time for that) so I did that today. And half an hour after she got the manuscript she sent an email asking could I please make the changes to the attached new version instead. So basically a day's work down the drain. Not very happy about that. I shall be investigating some way of quickly comparing two documents so I can find the changes. And she wants to send it to the publisher on Friday. And she hasn't responded to all my queries yet. (Punches mouse-pad.)

Then tomorrow I have a Skype interview for a short-term government position (still as an editor). I like the idea of working in a office with other people for a couple of months instead of at home alone. And I know and like the woman who would be my supervisor. My husband has Skype on his computer but I have never used it and I usually even leave the room when he does -- I hate it. I look horrible on screen and I don't like people watching me. Why I feel different when it's through a camera than if they were just there in the room with me, I don't know.

And my husband is away tonight so he was trying to explain to me over the phone how to get it to work. Still having problems that I have to sort out by tomorrow! I might have to call a friend over tonight to help me. I'm definitely not tech savvy. So I'm stressed about that.

My foot still hurts whenever I walk. Maybe I should see a physio about it. Of course if I do get this job, suddenly all my plans to do stuff like that and go to the hairdresser and get the gate fixed and all that will be delayed.

My subconscious has decided that sugar is literally the devil. I dreamed last night that I was at a children's party where the hostess put out trays and bowls of lollies and chocolates for the parents, and I was hoeing in. And putting more in a party bag to take home (actually the "party bag" was an empty wine bottle, so there is more symbolism for you). Then it all segued into my being in a Satanist church (it was all Gothic and this stone image of Satan lunged at me which was scary) -- apparently I was there to bring them down from within, but I was rather concerned that my iPhone playing "Affirmation" would blow my cover. Anyway, the two parts of the dream seemed linked at the time. Sugar is evil!

I really am about to take my daughter to a birthday party this afternoon. But I will decline all offers of cake.


  1. I have dreams about eating a gallon of peppermint bon-bon ice cream. :D

    Birthday cake is always disappointing anyway. It never tastes as good as it looks.

    :-) Marion

  2. I did get cake forced upon me; I turned it down the first time but accepted when pressed (the hostess was Sri Lankan and I don't know anything about that culture and really didn't want to offend) but I put it in a napkin for "after dinner" then threw it away as soon as I got home.