Wednesday, May 15, 2013



I feel so much more relaxed and happier these past couple of days since the work stress is over. I've done some dancing and some housework and some mooching around. I've organised/completed various things like a haircut (going today), check-up with my doctor, filling in long annoying forms that have been sitting around for ages, caught up on some TV I missed. I am so conflict-averse that dealing with a difficult client was really affecting me.

I just needed a repeat script from the doctor, my own was booked up for the week so I willingly saw someone else at the same clinic. My husband and I both like our doctor but lately I have felt she has been a bit dismissive of things important to me -- like when my blood sugar results came back in the pre-diabetic range she just told me to lose some weight, I had to use my own initiative to read lots of books and go to tutorials with the local diabetes association who took it seriously.

This doctor I saw yesterday was lovely. As is usual, even though she had all my notes and only needed my blood pressure to write my script, she went through some history with me since she hadn't seen me before. She was much more interested in things the other doctor didn't care about (girly stuff I won't go into) and also brought up the pre-diabetes thing and wants to send me for another test since it has been nearly a year (actually only about nine months). I'm going to do the oral glucose test again and also the test that somehow gives you a three month average of blood glucose levels.

Some people might prefer a doctor who just tells you not to worry, perfectly normal, but I prefer to take action early and know all my options. So I might just stick with this new doctor.

My eating is still going well, generally very clean all day but I have been having a bit of chocolate most evenings and that really should be a "sometimes food".

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  1. Hi Natalie! Well, I also prefer that kind of doctor who asks more questions too.

    Good for eating mostly clean. I also eat my chocolate--some mini-chocolate chips eat day. I can't decide if it's a useful or bad habit--since it got me to the weight I am now, but it might be holding me back from the weight I could be. So I'm thinking about that.

    :-) Marion