Thursday, May 9, 2013

Biggest non-scale victory ever in the history of the universe. Ever.


I turned down free chocolate today!

I was in the supermarket, shopping. It was morning tea time and I was quite hungry. A woman came past with a tray of a NEW variety of my FAVOURITE brand of chocolate (Lindt) and asked if I wanted to try a piece. Barely stopping to think about it, I said no thank you. She wandered off. I froze in disbelief/pride/horror.

I wanted to chase after her. I spent the next 10 minutes wavering about what I would do if she came past again.

It's not that I am against chocolate, it is still my treat of choice and I might even have some tonight. But someone offered me junk food that I hadn't factored into my day and I said no. Amazing. Always in the past I have said yes, tried as many varieties as were available, and then gone round again later hoping they wouldn't recognise me and give me some more.

I have definitely got that job, pending a security clearance which I don't anticipate any problems with. I feel less stressed now that it is settled. I start in a week. It won't be a formal work environment, but I still want to look nice so I will have to hunt through my clothes for suitable items that fit me.

Exercise has been completely out the window this week. I've been busy working and organising this next job, but I think I was mainly affected by stress about all of it. I didn't eat away my stress, but I didn't make the time to exercise it away either. I just stayed agitated.

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  1. It's like the evil queen saying to Snow White, "Take a bite of this (poisoned) apple." If you don't take the first bite, you end up okay. Good for you!

    :-) Marion