Saturday, May 11, 2013

Work stress


I've been very stressed all day. I'm not going to go into too much detail except that my current client has been very difficult to work with. On Friday I thought the final revisions were all done. Now the client has said they are not happy with my editing of their book. I feel that there has been some poor communication on their part and they are being unreasonable about some things but also I am unhappy with myself as I did rush the last stage because I really wanted this project to be over so I didn't have to interact with them any more.

I refused to work during the weekend, although I have before during this project (it's my wedding anniversary and Mother's Day!) and said I will go over it again next week. I considered just dumping them and forfeiting the second half of the money, but after six weeks work I have enough professional pride to want to get it right, and I do totally take ownership of my part of the problem. But the client has some freely-admitted psychological issues and I don't know if we will ever actually have resolution, or if I will get paid.

Oh well.

It has totally ruined my whole day, I've struggled to think about anything else. It keeps going round and round in my mind.

It the first time ever that a client hasn't been delighted with my work. I guess I'm having some rejection issues too! But mainly I just don't want to have to deal with six or seven emails a day any more.

But I didn't turn to food!

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  1. Our clients are driving us nuts too. I could feel my blood pressure rising this week at work. I didn't turn to food either. It's what we do on our worst days that determine our weight. And we did good!

    :-) Marion