Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Beach and pool


(Kookaburra on our porch this morning)

We went for a walk along the beach again this morning. A bit further, a bit faster. Look at the sky today!

(Weird driftwood structure on the beach)

Unfortunately my ankle started playing up. I twisted it badly a couple of years ago and it took a surprisingly long time to heal, but I would have said it was 100% better now. Apparently not. Walking on sand was too much. I was limping a bit after our two kilometres, and it continued to trouble me throughout the day.

We had our morning swim in the pool then drove into town for lunch. Italian today. Very nice. I had some things to organise for the funeral and internet access at the isolated resort isn't very good so we went to the local library and I used their computer. I've done that a few times when away from home, libraries are so wonderful!

In the afternoon I ate half a muffin, and bought some real bread for my toast tomorrow. Two days of fake supermarket bread was enough. We had another swim in the pool then had Indian food for dinner. I didn't feel like I overate tonight, and I'm not immediately falling asleep which is a good sign.

I think we got away with no additional sunburn today, except a bit on the tops of my feet. It was gorgeous weather all day but clouding over this evening, we may have a storm.

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