Thursday, January 29, 2015

Growing up


I didn't realise I hadn't posted for a few days. No particular reason except busy reading and not doing much else. I might not get a chance to post the next few either as we have family here all weekend from tonight.

My weight has been slowly creeping up. No chance in hell now of winning this dietbet. I have been struggling with that concept a bit. Obviously I've had a horrible month, but I've got to stop using that as an excuse to ignore my health. Yet the thought of making the huge changes needed, all at once, is just too daunting at this time. I can't even promise myself to "start tomorrow" or "start on Monday". The kids go back to school on Tuesday and we'll start to get back into some kind of routine, I'll see how I'm going then. My water intake is still good, sleep and meditation both erratic, food and exercise bad.

It is my daughter's birthday today! Eleven. She will be in her last year of Primary School this year - High School next year! My baby in High School in a year? Can't be possible. She does seem very grown up and responsible, but High School?

The birthday person gets to choose the day's activities and menu. Tim had to go to work very early this morning, so we all woke early so Jasmine could unwrap her presents before he left. Then I made French Toast with raspberries. Tim unexpectedly needed the car (I never know until the night before) so the kids and I walked half an hour to lunch and the movies. Lunch was chicken and hot chips, I didn't do too badly, but I did eat chips during the movie. We saw "Paper Planes" which is an Australian movie (with Sam Worthington from Avatar playing the dad) about a boy from the outback competing in the National, and then International, Paper Plane championships. Feel-good kids' movie, pretty good actually, but I assume it won't get shown outside Australia. Half an hour walk home with a heavy backpack with a few necessary groceries. At least I got in some exercise today.

The rest of the day mainly house-cleaning getting ready for houseguests and birthday party tomorrow. That is pretty daunting too. The house is always a mess. And it's Jasmine's birthday so I can't make her help! I'll be making lasagne for dinner. Ice cream with raspberries and chocolate sauce for dessert.

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  1. The thought of making huge changes all at once is daunting... so don't think if that way. Instead just try to have one good day. Once you do that try to have another, then another.