Saturday, January 31, 2015

Party weekend


All the guests are gone. It was exhausting catering for up to 12 people since Friday night, plus a kids party yesterday; my weekend seemed to be an endless round of cooking and cleaning. But I had fun too.

Three early mornings (my niece woke at 5 this morning) and two late nights... I'm just about ready for a nap in front of the cricket.

Yesterday I ate a lot of junk food and also hardly drank anything (my plant on Plant Nanny was wilted and close to death) which left me with a headache and feeling a bit sick. But strangely - or perhaps not so strangely - I suddenly feel all motivated again to work on my health! I feel like I can handle the commitment now. I am going to join another dietbet that starts in a few days, but it's a six month one where you need to lose 10% instead of 4% in one month. Longer but not so frantic. It still has monthly weigh-ins with half the pot being distributed monthly and half at the end. So it keeps you motivated all along. Obviously with the longer period I will have to incorporate treat meals and real life instead of just no carbs to drop weight quickly. I love the online community at dietbet, that's the best bit.

Kids back at school on Tuesday after six weeks holiday, I need to get back into a routine that prioritises exercise and writing. My food has been fine today and I'm catching up on my water. No formal exercise but plenty of bustling around the kitchen! Feeling good. Exhausted but good.

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