Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Dietbet 2


I had regained some of the weight I lost last dietbet, but not all. I am starting at 83.2 kg, and need to lose 3.3 kg to get down to 79.9 kg. That is a great final goal, I really want to get under 80.

I ate more than I should have today, in fact my stomach is a bit uncomfortable because I finished dinner with a slice of cheesecake my husband made. Definitely more food than I needed. But on the up side, I did do some exercise today (Fantasia game) and I did my second day of meditation.

I downloaded a guided meditation app called Headspace. You get 10 ten-minute sessions free then you have to subscribe. I've liked it so far and felt quite relaxed after each session. The narrator has a good, calming voice. Reducing stress and getting some decent sleep are very high on my priority list at the moment.

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