Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Getting things finalised


Today was the point I really needed to have everything finalised for the funeral. I got up early and searched the Internet for quotes, finished writing the eulogy, made calls, and got it all done while Tim and the kids played tennis (in the loosest sense of that phrase, considering the kids don't know how to play). It took about four hours. There were a few more calls throughout the day but I'm pretty sure it is all done now. The order of service booklet, the screenshot of photos, who was speaking and in what order.... A lot more to organise than I ever anticipated. I am glad it is all done.

When I was finished we went to the pool but I just lay in the shade and had a nap.

Lunch at a cafe - bacon and pancakes for me but I didn't eat much of the pancakes, they had maple syrup but not butter which is not how I like them. Also half a milkshake.

I had another nap after lunch then off to the beach. It's quite isolated here at the resort and Diamond Beach is always nearly deserted. The surf is a bit rough for young children and the beach isn't patrolled so we only splash around and play in the sand. With lots of sunscreen, hats and shirts! Then back to the pool for last swim of the day.

Mexican again for dinner and I didn't do so well. I didn't eat anywhere near everything on my plate but I was still uncomfortably stuffed. And half a dessert which I definitely didn't need. And a cocktail. At least we went for a two kilometre walk after dinner, over the long bridge and back as the summer sky got dark.

Aiden was asleep in the car on the way back to the resort after a big day.

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