Friday, January 2, 2015

Starting the year off right


I've tried to start the year off right, with some good habits I mean to keep up.

I did some exercise yesterday. I got a new active Xbox game for Christmas, called Fantasia. It's somewhat like the dance games except you only use your arms. You swipe and punch and sweep in time to music like Bohemian Rhapsody, like you are conducting it, following the cues on the screen. Lots of fun. And a more intense workout than you might expect.

I also did some work on editing my novel, both in the afternoon while Tim took the kids to the pool and in the evening while watching cricket on TV. No reason why I can't use those spare moments.

I finally made the decision to stop playing Dungeons and Dragons. It is a great game, but I've been playing every week for about ten years now while others came and went, the wives generally dropping out the quickest! I've been sick of it for several years but kept playing because my husband  wanted me to and because it was at my house. I was really bored wih it and also found the table full of junk very tempting. They may move the group elsewhere or not, but either way this week I got to watch TV, play with my iPad, and work on my novel. Bliss!

We drove to Sydney today. I dropped Tim and the kids at his brother's house for the weekend then went to the hospital. Mum seemed a lot better than last time I saw her, she was awake and lucid and we talked for about an hour before she seemed to get too tired. Such a big contrast to Boxing Day when I wasn't sure she knew I was there! She is in the Palliative Care section now.

She had a big bruise on her forehead. She had been under the mistaken impression that she could walk the few steps to the bathroom unaided. Apparently the hard floor thwacking her on the head disabused her of that notion. At least she was able to joke about it!

She seemed much more herself, but she said she was having some hallucinations and had no sense of time. So not exactly "normal". And she was all swollen up with retained fluid again. She is still hoping she won't linger on too long.

I'll be staying at her house, with my brother, for a few days. Not sure how long, I'll see how things go.   Tim and the kids are going to catch the bus home. It's good to be able to spend some time with her.


  1. Natalie, what a beautiful post. Thank you. It's so excellent that you're identifying what you want and no longer want--and you're replacing some of these with things that bring you joy and fulfillment. The effect this brings to everything else is positive!!
    The new exercise game sounds really fun, too!
    I'm glad your mum was better. I can't even imagine how emotionally challenging it is to be at this place with her. Your perspective reads strong, Natalie. I wish you strength as you work through this difficult time.

    1. Thanks Sean. I'm really trying to work on myself this year.