Tuesday, February 3, 2015

I will


Yesterday was the last day of school holidays, we went into the city (or should that be "city", Canberra is Australia's political capital but only has 350,000 people spread over five regional centres - so Civic itself isn't that big and it's only 12 minutes drive away) and bought all Jasmine's required dance gear for her ballet and jazz classes. Her first ballet shoes! Not pointe shoes though.

We had lunch at our favourite Chinese restaurant. I swear those kids can eat as much as adults.

They both seemed quite excited to get back to school today and see all their friends. And I had six hours to myself! I am determined to schedule my days so that I actually get the important things done instead of only "if I have time". Therefore exercise and writing in the morning, anything else can go after lunch.  I am very unfit at the moment and seem to be injuring myself shockingly easily. The ankle that I strained walking along the beach took several weeks to fully heal, and I pulled a muscle in my stomach doing crunches the first (and only) time I tried that mean app Carrot Fit. It still hurts when I bend forward. So today I started off very gently with two 15 min walks.

I got some writing done, did the grocery shopping, and did some book judging. So productive! After school we went to a friend's house. They just got a new rescue dog. Cookie is half Border Collie and half Irish Wolfhound, and at ten months old is enormous! It's like patting a pony. Luckily she is very placid.

My new dietbet starts tomorrow. Here's the plan:

Diet: I will eat less processed junk. More fruit and vegetables. Smaller portions. I'll be tracking food and counting calories.

Exercise: I will be easing back in, but making it a priority. 30 mins five times a week.

Water: I will keep up the great work. Lots of water.

Sleep: I will be more consistent using my CPAP, until hopefully soon I don't need it any more. I spend the right number of hours in bed, I need to improve the quality.

Mental Health: I don't always remember this one. I'm using my Headspace app maybe once every three days. I need to make time for either this or something similar. I will work out a regular time for some kind of meditation.

Tonight I admit to a bit of eating indulgence. I asked myself what I would feel guilty eating from tomorrow on, and chose veal schnitzel and potato bake. And then our Dungeons and Dragons friends brought over a cheesecake for supper and I had a slice, so that was more than I had planned. I'm not planning to ban any food from my diet but I won't be having that many calories in one meal again for a while!

I was thinking today that I can easily weigh at least 2 kg more (say 5 pounds) at night than I do the next morning. But I don't burn that many calories in my sleep and I might get up to pee but not 2 or 3 litres! So where does the weight go overnight?

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  1. Your goals sound killer!!!
    Sleep is actually a mild diuretic. You breathe, pee, sweat it off!