Monday, February 23, 2015

Chaotic day


Another horrible sleep, but at least we have had a cool change so it might be better tonight. Today, though, I was very tired and unmotivated. I didn't want to exercise (and find it hard to believe that just a couple of days ago I was thinking about joining the gym to push myself) but I did half an hour of Fantasia and called it enough. I did the grocery shopping, which was exhausting in my current state and left my legs and back aching. I foolishly ate in the food court, and made about the worst choice possible. Fat with a side serving of salt, essentially. Then slumped at home while I pretended to be working on my writing.

My friend Caroline and her kids came over after school and we had a cup of tea and a chat, then Tim called and asked me to pick him up as his bike had a flat tyre. He had a few hours to come home for dinner before he had to return to work at 8 pm to meet with the committee again (damn politicians). So Caroline took all the kids to her place and I picked up my husband. We got home to find the plumber's truck in the driveway, he was here to replace that hot water thing. He hadn't called first, lucky he just got there.

Then Tim realised he had left behind his backpack during the struggle to fit his bike in the car. It had a lot of important stuff in it so he had to head back straight away to get it - about 15 mins drive each way which isn't too bad but not a fun way to spent your tiny bit of free time. He took my keys. And then I realised he had all my keys so I couldn't leave the house to walk to get the kids, and also it was starting to storm. Caroline had to drive my kids home again.

Meanwhile Tim was finding out what happens when you leave a backpack outside Parliament House. They call the bomb squad. Oops. At least we know those security guys are doing their job. Tim got home eventually.

After my terrible lunch decision AND eating some unnecessary rice crackers in the afternoon, I was left with no calories left for dinner - I was already over. So I made pasta with cream sauce and bacon. I make no attempt to justify that. I made some very bad decisions today.

Just let me get some sleep.

Report card:
Diet: Terrible.
Exercise: Ok.
Water: Poor.
Sleep: Terrible.
Mental health: Not as bad as you might expect.

It's just one of those days when you're glad that tomorrow is a clean slate.


  1. You know you should put a reminder to read this post in a few months... you might not see the humor right now, but I think it was so funny, ... We all have days like that in a year, a good thing it's not the normal one, right?

    The mean me think that it's Karma that came back to you for yesterday's complained LOL

    You are so right, another day do bring a clean slate!