Monday, February 16, 2015

Too hot


Every day I decide I'm going to stop being such a baby and just use my CPAP like I'm supposed to. But this evening it's so hot that my chocolate was literally liquid, running over my hand and dripping on the floor, and I just can't face attaching a plastic mask to my face. I wouldn't be able to sleep at all, even apnoea is better than that. I'll just have to lose weight instead, or wait for autumn.

I did 30 mins of Fantasia, stopping because my shoulder was getting a bit sore. Did the grocery shopping. Started working on book 2, writing an outline and character studies of a couple of new characters. Had a nap. Sat and sweated.

My stomach was a bit upset today, not enough to stop me eating, in fact I felt much better when there was a bit of food in my stomach. Hope it's better tomorrow, I'm a bit uncomfortable all over the abdomen. Haven't been able to drink all my water because it makes me feel very bloated and over-full. Right now I look pregnant.

Report card:
Diet: Good. Ate what I planned, apart from too many chocolates again - three instead of one (again). Oh well, now there is only three more left in the box, and I don't like one of them!
Exercise: Good, especially considering I didn't feel great. I've kept my commitment of 30 minutes every weekday.
Water: Poor. If I drink this one in front of me before I go to bed, that will be eight glasses. But I'm ok with that, it is making my stomach very uncomfortable to drink much.
Sleep: Ok. Much the same. Restless nights, sleepy in the afternoons. The heat doesn't help.
Mental health: Good. Feeling positive.

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