Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Taking those extra steps


I felt so much better today, even though according to my Fitbit I slept less than 4 hours out of all the time I was in bed. Still, that is nearly 4 hours, right? Regardless, I had more energy and alertness, at least until evening, which is all I ask for.

So I did an hour of Fantasia and then a half hour walk, and this evening did a few laps of the lounge room to get me over the line of 10,000 steps. And I learned how to take a screenshot of my iPhone.

I made a couple of phone calls I wasn't looking forward to. One to the crematorium about picking up mum's ashes (after finding out how many thousands it was to have them put in the crematorium's rose garden - too many), and then one to a hotel about changing my reservation because my brother rang last night to ask me to change which weekend we visit to help go through mum's stuff. The hotel receptionist was a bit dubious at first, it was supposed to be non-refundable, but then I played the "my mum just died" card (she did ask why I needed to change) and she was very nice and changed my reservation straight away which was lovely. I felt really weird and uncomfortable about it, even though I was just being totally honest, because I am not good at any sort of confrontation. But got that done and out of the way when I'd been dreading it.

Tim has been working ridiculous hours these past couple of weeks, we are hoping tomorrow is the last day but who knows? Then he goes back to his usual office (he is a lawyer) with only semi-ridiculous hours. He had the car today so we couldn't get to Jasmine's dance class but it was nice to have an afternoon at home. We usually do fine with one car because Tim rides his bike to work but he's needed it a bit more often with this location and hours. One day we may get a second car, especially if we move to Sydney eventually, they don't have the extensive bike path network we have in Canberra and there is a lot more traffic and it's a much bigger city.

Report card:
Diet: Good. I'm trying to reduce my carbs a bit, the starchy ones at least. Still eating plenty of fruit. Especially grapes, which are amazing right now.
Exercise: Great. An hour and a half, and extra walking to finish my steps.
Water: Poor. Managed 7. My problem is that I know I don't have to force down 12 glasses so I assume the 8 will just happen easily by itself - in actual fact my natural inclination is about 4 glasses a day. Including tea. So I still need to make an effort to drink the 8. Work on that tomorrow.
Sleep: Better. Well, I felt better.
Mental health: Good. Thinking about my mum a lot, but doing ok.


  1. I'm sorry I've been so out of touch. I'm sorry about your mom. You're absolutely right to use that reason to help get things done with businesses, though.

    And you're doing a dietbet! (me too) Yay!

    I hope things settle down for you, and start feeling better in general.

    1. I know you've been having a really unsettled time too Kyra, I hope things get better soon. And we can nail this dietbet!

  2. Hi Natalie, Sorry about your mom. I remember how it felt like when my dad died, and sure you must feel like that. It sounds like you are putting forth great effort for eating and fitness.

    1. Thanks Marion. I have good days and bad days, but neither are a good excuse to inflict myself with ill health. Still working on it.