Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Starting well


First day back into it went really well. I spent an hour or so in the morning dealing with paperwork for mum's estate, then went for a 15 minute walk and did 15 minutes of Fantasia (vigorous music conducting). Edited my novel, made healthy lunch, did some reading/judging. I had my planned afternoon tea but was still really hungry so made a great choice and had a little tin of tuna in springwater - low calorie filling protein. Took Jasmine to her dance class and spent part of the waiting time going for a walk with Aiden before we settled down with our electronic devices. Healthy dinner.

My report card:
Water: Excellent. I would like to finish my drinking a bit earlier in the day though so I don't have to get up so often at night.
Sleep: Ok. I feel fine, but I still haven't been using my CPAP. When I try, I lie awake for an hour then give up. I really am feeling fine though, not too tired.
Exercise: Good. I never feel like I've achieved enough when I start slowly, but at least I haven't injured myself again!
Food: Great. Within my calorie limits and lots of plants.
Mental Health: Feeling very positive. Even though it is that time of the month and I have horrible abdominal cramps. Not affecting my brain this time.

I'm thinking about buying a wearable health tracker thing, either a Jawbone Up3 or a FitBit Charge HR. They look like a watch band give heart rate and daily steps and even track how well you are sleeping. Anyone got either?

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  1. I have a Fitbit, but not the wrist one, just a clip on. I had a wrist tracker last year and had problems with it picking up arm motions as steps. I "walked" several miles one night sitting down crocheting. Obviously, easily fixed by taking it off in situations like that, but I know myself well enough to know I'd constantly forget to put it back on.