Tuesday, February 17, 2015



Felt worse today. Abdominal cramps, weak and dizzy. Thought I was going to faint when I stood too long. A bit better this evening, as long as I stay sitting down.

I got up and dressed at my usual time this morning but almost straight away lay back down. An hour later when the family had left, I went back to bed and slept for two hours. I mention this because my Fitbit recorded this as sleeping - but only from when I went back to bed properly. How did it know? What was the difference between me lying on top of the bed resting, and in bed asleep? Was it just me moving around and changing positions when awake?

Most days I get to 5,000 steps just around the house, more if I go out shopping or for a walk. Today less than 1,500! Lots of much needed resting.

Report card:
Diet: Poor. I didn't eat that much, but what I did eat was all simple carbs. Toast, 2 min noodles, spaghetti. It's what I eat when my tummy is upset.
Exercise: Poor. Barely moved.
Water: Poor. 4 glasses.
Sleep: Great. Lots of sleep!
Mental health: Good. Sick but not sad.

Obviously I'm fine with a poor report card on a sick day.

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