Saturday, February 21, 2015

Lunch at a vineyard


No beeps in the night, yay! Good sleep.

It was a friend's birthday lunch today, at a restaurant attached to a vineyard. I hadn't really been looking forward to it, there would be a lot of people I didn't know and I'm a bit shy, and I knew it was a set menu so I was really worried I wouldn't like the food (I'm afraid I gave little to no thought about whether it would fit with my diet, it was my cheat/reward/treat/indulgence meal for the week - I think I'll go with indulgence - which would be fine if I hadn't been off-plan most of the week due to illness). Anyway, it turned out great. The setting was lovely, outdoors next to big vegetable garden that the staff actually came out and gathered produce from, on the outskirts of a country town. It was a bit hot but at least we were in shade. I knew quite a few people and we were seated near friends, plus a couple of new people who were nice and chatty. And the food was really lovely.

The service was, shall we say, relaxed, so that we received our dessert at 3pm. The kids were a bit bored by then but overall it was a very nice gathering.

I did the grocery shopping in the afternoon and we had a late dinner. No afternoon snack needed today!

Report card:
Diet: Poor, I guess. Too many calories, including some wine. But nothing I feel bad about.
Exercise: Poor. But I promise that this is the last day without exercise for a while.
Water: Great. One glass to go before bedtime.
Sleep: Good. A solid night.
Mental health: Great. I did a meditation this morning and had a nice long lunch with friends. And I didn't give up on the whole day due to the lunch, I made sure the rest of the day was healthy.


  1. Natalie, it's wonderful to read you keeping things in good perspective. Wonderful day! Your awareness level is sharp. The good sleep, water and meditation--excellent, my friend. A lovely day for you! I'm glad you're feeling better, too.

    1. Thanks Sean. I'm feeling all better now. Ready to get back into exercise!