Friday, February 13, 2015

One foot back on the right track.


I like to start with the good news. First, I posted my novel for my critique group! So my baby is out there in the world for people (a select group of about six) to comment on. We meet in a month and they will all tell me what they think of it. In detail. Very scary, but exciting. I have to keep reminding myself that this is for feedback so I can make it better. My novel is not in its final form yet, and I have to stay open to my readers' opinions. Next week I start working on the sequel, which is in a very nebulous form at the moment.

The other good news is that I hit 10,000 steps today! Actually a bit over 11,000. I had a short walk in the morning then a longer exhausting walk with my son in the afternoon. Shortly after we got home, my Fitbit starting flashing and buzzing on my wrist, startling me quite a lot. When I pressed the button it lit up with the good news I had walked 10,000 steps. It felt very congratulatory. Thanks Fitbit!

On the downside I haven't quite got my food back under control yet. I did well until mid-afternoon then started eating. I can't really complain about being tired today because my poor husband didn't get home until nearly 3 am and probably got 4 hours sleep. Earlier night tonight, home at 10. Oh well, the project is nearly done. So, without in any way complaining about being tired, I did overeat for whatever reason. And had a nap.

Report card:
Diet: Ok. Not as bad as pizza night.
Exercise: Great. Happy with my stepping, and the fact I tired myself out.
Water: Ok. Only 8 glasses today, my target is 12. But 8 is still good.
Sleep: Ok. Feel a bit better than the past two days.
Mental health: Good. Feeling like I am getting back on the right track.

A big step up from yesterday!

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