Saturday, February 7, 2015

Finishing the reading


The great thing about today is that I finished my last book and a half for the Aurealis Awards. That is a big commitment out of the way. For the next six months I can read whatever I want without feeling like I should be "work" reading! Awesome.

The not so great thing was I ate too many calories today. It was silly. In the afternoon, I had pre-planned to eat a peach with yoghurt. I got a yoghurt-making kit for Christmas, the first batch looked like cottage cheese but the second batch worked out great and tastes lovely. But this afternoon what I wanted was cheese and crackers. But I was determined to stick to my plan. So I ate my nice yoghurt with a peach, and it was good. But it wasn't what I wanted. So I had some sultanas (strange choice, I know). But it wasn't what I wanted. So I ended up having the cheese and crackers after all, making my afternoon tea as big as a real meal, but without the balance! I had a small healthy dinner, but still ended up over calories for the day.

The kids had very busy day. Tennis, swimming, and an evening playing Dungeons and Dragons with some friends. They had a great time. Poor Tim had to spend half the day at work.

I took a day off from exercise. I've done well this week and needed a break.

Report card:
Diet: Ok. Not as good today, but I still went for real food instead of junk.
Exercise: None today, which is fine.
Water: Good, but haven't quite got there today.
Sleep: I thought I would have a great night's sleep because I was so tired, but I actually had my worst night for a while. Tossed and turned a lot. Very tired this morning. So today I tried the new meditation app I downloaded yesterday. I chose this one because in the reviews people said they kept falling asleep during it! I lay down in the afternoon, put it on --- and sure enough I was asleep in moments. No idea what the woman said. I had it set to wake me at the end, but you can turn that off if you buy the app to get all the extra features. I don't usually have the phone in my room at night, especially with headphones in - but it can't be as bad as the CPAP mask. If it helps me get to sleep that would be worth it.
Mental health: well I got the new app, does it count if you listen in your sleep? The app instructions say it does.

Overall the report card doesn't look as good today. I spent a lot of time reading. But not too bad.

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