Friday, February 6, 2015

Lots of exercise


After a healthy breakfast, getting the kids off to school, and sitting with a cup of tea reading my emails, I did 40 mins of Fantasia. I really pushed myself today, getting right into the arm movements. I was determined to get 5 stars in "Bohemian Rhapsody"! I ran out of steam and arm strength though, with only 4 stars. I find this game quite difficult. I usually do really well in these dance-type things, but my daughter gets better scores than me in this one. I blame my dodgy shoulders. Yeah, I'm sure that's it.

I did the grocery shopping and had lunch. I decided not to edit today, although I had some more ideas fizzing, because I've only got two more books to read for this competition and I want to get them done by the end of the weekend. So I read for a while. Then decided to listen to my meditation app Headspace. It was number ten of the ten free sessions. I fell asleep! But only for about 15 minutes. Then I looked into subscribing to it and found out it's $17 a month which seems a lot, especially since I don't use it every day. I'm going to try out a few different free ones before I decide. I don't mind paying for apps that I think are worth it, but I don't really have anything to compare this one to. There are certainly plenty out there that are free or have a free trial period so I have lots to try. I do like the Headspace guy's voice.

This year Jasmine is starting ballet on Fridays so she had her first lesson. She loved it. Aiden has been talking about learning tennis or cricket, and everyone advises against cricket (adult games can go for five full days, and even the kids' games take up a whole day) so we decided on tennis. And Jasmine decided she wants to do it too. So they are both booked into lessons, right before their swimming lessons, starting tomorrow. So now Jasmine does French, jazz dance, ballet, karate, tennis and swimming outside school, plus trumpet in school band. Aiden does karate, swimming and tennis. We also have a regular playdate with friends once a week, and they are about to start playing Dungeons and Dragons, a kids' group run by a friend of ours. I feel like they are very overscheduled, but they really want to do all this stuff!

While Jasmine was at ballet, Aiden and I went for a walk again. 30 minutes this time. I planned out the route beforehand and we only went the wrong way once. It was a really hot day, and still very hot at 5:00pm. The route was hilly, too, so by the time we got back I was tired and hot and hungry. I read for half an hour, until dance finished, then we went home and I made dinner. It should have been very filling - a T-bone steak and a whole corn on the cob with butter and salad - but I am still wanting to eat more. I think because I am so tired. Physically tired, not sleepy tired. I'm not used to all this exercise, and in the heat. I might have got a bit sunburned, too, I really wasn't expecting it to be like that so late in the day, and sunburn always affects me.

I will make sure I drink more water and wait a while but if I'm still hungry later I'll have fruit or something. I don't plan to starve myself if it's actual hunger, not cravings or boredom. But maybe I should go to bed early instead!

The other thing that happened this afternoon was that my writing group asked me to go first, which means having my novel ready for them to read by next Friday! I only have a week to finish polishing. That is very exciting and very scary. And my husband will be busy on the weekend and might not have a chance to read it before it goes out to other people. It's kind of finished but I keep having these little revelations and ideas and things I need to change. But that process is endless. I have a week. I think it's good to have an actual deadline.

My report card:
Diet: Good - as long as I don't binge tonight. I want to. I won't.
Exercise: Excellent.
Sleep: Feel good, and taking steps that I'll talk about tomorrow.
Water: Still a bit to go. I'll get them drunk, but I'm leaving it a bit late tonight.
Mental Health: Great. Did a meditation and researching others.

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