Sunday, February 8, 2015

Relaxing day


I tried listening to my meditation app in bed last night. Of course, because I actually wanted to go to sleep I didn't - I heard every word! It was pretty nice, much longer than the 10 min Headspace one. About 25 mins I think. Breathing, then relaxing each body part, then some positive visualisations. I tried it again this afternoon and of course I went to sleep straight away! Sigh. Only seems to work in the daytime.

I had a very quiet day. No required reading! I played some World of Warcraft with Tim and ... Do you know I can't think of anything else?! I said it was a quiet day. And a very hot one.

Report card:
Diet: Great. Healthy food, within my calorie range. I didn't even have any of the pikelets (mini pancakes) that Tim made for afternoon tea. I could have included a few more vegetables.
Water: Excellent. 12 glasses all done.
Exercise: Poor. Probably should have done something.
Sleep: Poor. It is so hot tonight there is no way I am going to try to wear my CPAP. Too sweaty. But I will try listening again.
Mental health: Great. Very relaxed.

My plan for the week ahead is to keep up the great eating and drinking, improve the exercise and sleep. Somehow. And work on my novel.

I have been weighing myself daily since staring this new dietbet, and the numbers are going down very nicely. A little every day.

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