Thursday, February 19, 2015

Eating cardboard


I was much the same yesterday as the day before. A lot better today. My two sick days I only took around 1,500 steps each day, today up to 3,500 so definitely moving around more, even if only around the house. I also got some writing done, the first 650 words or so of book two. But pretty tired, headachy and trying not to be cranky this afternoon. At least my food tastes nice again, I might as well have been eating cardboard the past couple of days (but comforting, stomach-settling cardboard).

Report card:
Diet: Poor. I think. I'm struggling to remember. Certainly very little fruit and vegetable. I haven't been tracking calories. Did have a yummy normal roast chicken dinner tonight and really enjoyed it.
Exercise: N/A. Still too dizzy to attempt it.
Water: Good today after a couple of very poor days. 10 glasses and I'll try to have those last two before bed.
Sleep: Good. Maybe the only good thing about being sick!
Mental health: Bit of a slump this afternoon, hard not to snap at kids for no reason. But ok before that.


  1. Hoping you're on the path to getting stronger and feeling better! I was out for about a week with a bad cold and strep throat. It definitely takes a toll. If anything, keep up with the water. Getting hydration helps everything heal faster.

    1. I'm trying with the water, my stomach just doesn't want to. But I know it is important.

  2. It reads as if you're on the way to 100%, Natalie. Excellent! You're doing it--and your awareness is sharp. Congrats on getting busy with book number two! Hope you're back to 100% soon. Being sick sucks.

    1. Thanks Sean. Hope I haven't somehow passed my illness on to you through the mysterious internet!