Sunday, February 15, 2015

Lovely feedback


I posted my novel for my writing group on Friday, and today someone emailed me. He hadn't planned doing critiques this year because he didn't have a book of his own to submit (it's a quid pro quo system) but liked the title of mine so decided to read it. And finished it in two sessions! He said he really liked it and particularly liked the magic system.  So lovely to get that positive feedback, and in only two days when I thought I would have to wait a month. He is going to send me more detailed feedback so there will probably be suggestions of things to work on, but that is an awesome start that made my day.

I did half an hour of Fantasia exercise, and mostly ate well (three chocolates though). I've been emailing back and forth with other judges and we've finalised short lists and the winners for our two categories of the Aurealis Awards. I also bustled around a bit getting some of the housework done. 5,000 steps. I feel ready for the week ahead. I have some ideas percolating for book two, and I'm thinking about rejoining the gym now that time pressures have been lifted.

Report card:
Diet: Good, I think. I haven't actually finished tracking what I ate, but I think did ok. More chocolate than I planned.
Exercise: Good. Moved my body.
Water: Ok. Only 8 glasses today.
Sleep. Ok. Got through the day without a nap.
Mental health: Mixed. I started the day feeling ok, then after exercise felt quite down, but after receiving praise for my book I felt really great! Finishing the day happy.

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  1. Awesome about the book, glad the good news elevated your day. Personally I hate gyms, but if you start going to one it will only aid you in your journey!