Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Doing it anyway


What a difference a poor night's sleep has on one's energy and outlook! The Fitbit says I was awake and restless ten times during the night, and I certainly woke up feeling tired and rotten. It's lucky I said yesterday that I wasn't going to get complacent about how easy exercise had become, because today I really didn't want to do any! Motivation had evaporated during the night.

It took me a long time to get going, but eventually I forced myself to get in front of Fantasia. I was happy to stop after half an hour, feeling that at least I had done something. The rest of the school day was spent editing my novel.

My daughter had her dance class (one of them) in the afternoon, so my son and I went on our new routine of a walk - 23 minutes. It was a slow walk on fairly flat ground and it nearly killed me. No energy today.

I've had the Fitbit for a couple of days now so I think it's time for an assessment. Physically it is pretty comfortable, and doesn't bother me at night. It's not as pretty as some of the others available, and I could only get it in black. It does a lot of things! I didn't spent the extra $100 to get the one with GPS but it has a display for my heart rate, steps taken, distance travelled, calories burned, and steps up. And even the time! It syncs with my computer, iPad and iPhone, and the dashboard there keeps track of all that information plus sleep, and (if I enter it) food and water intake. I was a bit confused by the calories allowed, at first, because I start the day with less than 1000 in my allowance. But apparently this is what I would need if I wanted to stay in bed all day yet still lose weight. As I start moving around, my calorie allowance goes up. Obviously this means is will be different every day, which I don't like. I tried to program in my chosen calorie allowance instead, but it didn't seem to take effect. I'll look at that again and try to work it out.

My main problem, which seems a bit contrary to expectation, is that it does so many things! I already record water intake on Plant Nanny, walks on RunKeeper, calories and exercise on CalorieKing. I'm not sure if I'm ready to drop all these. I've been using CalorieKing for years and I've got lots of meals and custom foods programmed in. It knows what I eat! Plant Nanny is so cute, it's what has got me increasing my water intake. I don't want to record everything twice, but it's a big step to change over.

Report card:
Diet: Great . Having no trouble sticking to my calorie limit. I'm still eating whatever I like, but in reasonable portions.
Exercise: Good. A bit lacklustre today, but I did it.
Water: Good. Nearly done for the day.
Sleep: Poor. No idea why.
Mental Health: Good. Tired but fine.

Overall not as good today. But I'm fine with that. Not every day is a great day.

I'm one week into this 6 month dietbet and I've lost 1.5 kgs, which is awesome. And this time it wasn't a big water-weight loss in the first couple of days, it's been a steady loss over the week.

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