Saturday, February 28, 2015

Sleeping and napping


Ok, sleep update. I used both the CPAP and my night-time meditation app last night and went to sleep quite easily. No suffocation feeling at all, and I think listening to the relaxing voice helped distract me. I woke and had to take the mask off about three hours later because the sweat was stinging really quite badly. I had spicy tacos for dinner, can jalapenos come out through your sweat? It felt like someone had rubbed a hot chilli under my nose. Also the mask was hurting my nose a bit. That always happens when I start over with the CPAP, it's like getting used to new shoes. The skin has to toughen up in the right places. Anyway, it was a really good start and I am hopeful of getting back into the habit of using it for longer each night. I can try, as I have in the past, padding around my nose with folded tissues to stop the sweat irritation on hot nights.

I have designated Saturday as my rest day from exercise and I took that without any guilt today. I felt wiped out. Tim takes the kids out to their various sports but I have no commitments on Saturday, so I could just sit around and nurse my sleep deprivation headache. In the afternoon I slept for about two hours on the lounge. I really needed it! Tim made dinner and I basically had the whole day off.

We have a fun day planned tomorrow, which I will talk about after the event.

Report card:
Diet: Ok.
Exercise: N/A
Water: Good, finishing my last glass now.
Sleep: getting better.
Mental health: Good.


  1. Good for you, you might not be sleeping beauty but at least you got a couple of hours of quality sleep.

    What's with that, giving us a teaser in your last sentences :)

  2. Hooray for some quality sleep....even if it's only a few hours! It's a start!

    In regards to the mask itself, have you tried using nasal pillows versus the nasal mask? Majority of the patients I see who can NOT use a full face mask prefer the pillows over a nasal mask.

    1. Yes I use the nasal pillows already. They are fine, they just take a few days to get used to the pressure on my nose. I'm a delicate flower!