Monday, February 9, 2015

Fitbit Charge HR


My exciting news for today is that I bought a Fitbit Charge HR. Wristband that tracks heart rate, steps, activity level and sleep. I had to charge it when I got home so I've only been wearing it during my sedentary evening so far. I've spent a bit of time looking at the website and the app that syncs to it - getting to know it. A fun extra app is FitRPG where you do quests (like walking 1000 steps in the next hour) to go up levels.

I listened to meditation at bedtime last night, a different one by the same people that is specifically designed to put you to sleep and give you a restful night. I listened to it all. Then lay awake another half hour. Then I slept for about five hours before waking early. but maybe I did sleep well, because at least I didn't feel sleepy today.

In the morning I did my exercise, half an hour of Fantasia. Again, I just did Bohemian Rhapsody over and over trying to get five stars. Didn't make it, but at least I can get four stars consistently now. This game is hard! Toning up those flabby arms. It stays interesting (so far) because you get to choose which instruments to add in, so it sounds a bit different each time. Bigger drum kit for Roger, violin for the slow bits. Can't really beat the original Queen though.

Then I did the shopping. And got my Fitbit. And a new frying pan. The handle came off ours last night. Shame, it was the best one I've ever owned. My dad got me a set for my engagement. I bought a scanpan this time. Not non-stick, you need the non-non-stick to get a good crust on a steak. We need a new front door too, or at least a new handle. It sticks so bad we can hardly open it.

It's been an expensive couple of months. Christmas, mum's funeral, all the kids' activities starting up again.

We were away a lot over the holidays and we missed a couple of garbage collections. We caught up on the normal one ok, but recycling is only collected once a fortnight and the bin always fills up anyway, let alone with all the extra boxes from Christmas. So beside our back door are stacks of cardboard and bottles and plastics. I can hardly get to the washing machine.

I had hoped for a lot of writing time today but I didn't get as much as I wanted.

Report card:
Diet: Great. Lindt came out with a new flavoured dark chocolate - raspberry. It is fabulous. And I only had two squares, staying within my calorie limit for the day.
Exercise: Great. Pushed myself even when my left arm got pretty sore (not "I am doing permanent damage" sore).
Water: Excellent.
Sleep: I'm really not sure. I thought I had a short sleep but I feel fine today. Much better than the last couple. Yes I know I should be using my CPAP. But if wearing it stops me going to sleep in the first place its not much use, is it? It will be interesting to see what my Fitbit records tonight.
Mental Health: Good. Keeping busy.

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