Sunday, October 20, 2013

Back to normal


Still feeling happy and healthy. Did about 45 mins dance yesterday and a bit over an hour today. I've very much enjoyed eating foods that were not allowed on the Whole30, like cheese! Mmmm, cheese. And potato. I'm trying to still eat sensibly and not overdo it with the carbs, but we did have pizza for lunch yesterday.

I forgot to say that I weighed myself Saturday morning, before "going off" Whole30, and I weighed a bit over 80 kg, so I'd lost about half a kg (1 pound) in that week. I admit I'd expected a bit more for such an extreme dietary change, but then I was eating huge amounts of meat and fat instead of the grains etc - I certainly wasn't reducing calories!

Good day today, fit in both exercise and writing. Still haven't done my tax though - here in Australia our financial year is 1 July to 30 June, and tax is due in by 31 Oct, so I've got a couple of weeks. In the olden days I used to have my tax in within days of 30 June. But now I'm self-employed it is a bit more of a hassle and I put it off.

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