Saturday, October 19, 2013

Energy and happiness

more Saturday:

I can't believe how much better I feel. After a week of barely managing to walk slowly for 30 mins each day, this afternoon (after choc-chip cookies!) I did an hour of vigorous dancing; and what is more, I really enjoyed it! And I would have done more except I ran out of time before dinner!

The Whole30 talks about getting "tiger blood" (ie lots of energy and feeling great) after two or three weeks of their program, well I got it from eating a little bit of sugar/grains/caffeine.

I know this doesn't mean I will thrive on junk food, but it does mean I feel much better eating a normal balanced diet with all the food groups instead of depriving myself and obsessing every second about food.

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  1. Dancing is my all-time favorite form of exercise, so it's exciting to find another fan! Glad you are feeling so much better, but sad that it was because you had some grains and sugar. You feel 'better' because you fed your addiction. If you had just waited a few days longer, you would've gotten past the 'carb flu' that sometimes comes with weaning yourself off of grains. :( Please go to, and research more about the toxicity of grains (and sugar.)