Monday, October 7, 2013



Tim is back at work today after a week off (plus it was a public holiday yesterday - Labour Day to celebrate when the Unions negotiated eight hour working days). He set his alarm which he never usually needs to do, but we just started Daylight Saving on Sunday so with that and being on holidays we've been sleeping in until about 9.30 every day! Back to the daily grind.

My dad and his girlfriend came to dinner last night and I served an entrée of melon cubes with freshly squeezed orange juice poured over, casserole with mashed potato and salad, and a small serve of ice cream with chocolate and raspberries. Right up until about 2 seconds ago I thought that the Vienetta (ice cream with chocolate flakes) wouldn't have many calories because we only had a small slice each, but I just went and had a look at the empty box and even that was 250 calories! Dessert is definitely a "sometimes food".

After dinner I had a cup of tea with our guests. I have no idea why, I never drink caffeine after about 3pm. If offered, I will decline and say it keeps me awake. But last night I was just in automatic social mode and had a cup. And it most certainly did keep me awake! Still staring at the ceiling at 1am and after.

I am going to do Whole30, starting on Saturday which is when my mother and brother leave after their visit. The timing will mean there are a couple of big parties near the end of the 30 days, but I figured that if I got that far it would be easier to resist junk near the end than if I tried to start now with school holidays and houseguests etc. I've signed up for the daily motivational emails.

I don't know if I 100% agree with the Whole30 diet principles, but as you know by now I like trying new things and reading up on this stuff. There is lots of info on the website and I've ordered the book from the library. It's only 30 days, so it won't do any damage even if humans are meant to eat grains after all. I have a lot of issues with inflammation so I am hoping the food restrictions will help me. I suppose I'll put the calorie counting on hold for the month, or maybe keep track just for interest sake. I'm not supposed to weigh myself during, just at the start and the end. I've gone from weighing myself every day (for 3 years) to once or twice a week, but I think if I feel like I've lost weight I'll want to check and see how much! So that might be hard. I'll have to remember to take other measurements and a photo too. We took photos at the Tulip Gardens so I do have recent ones (can't seem to post any pictures to this blog though! Annoying, I used to be able to) but you're supposed to have an underwear one. (No way I would post that one even if I could!)

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  1. Good luck with your Whole 30... I never actually did the actual Whole 30. I need to cut back on my grains again, I think.