Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Whole30 Day4


Definitely dealing with some kind of carb-flu or sugar withdrawal today. Headache, fatigue, clammy. Nose a bit runny. Teeth aching like they always do when I have the flu. Very thirsty and peeing a lot. Hopefully I get through this phase quickly.

We had plumbers come early this morning to eel the drains and then I got the kids to school (the short walk was exhausting today) so I'd been awake for two hours before I got around to breakfast. It was good, though, an omelette with prosciutto, mushrooms and spinach.

I had yet another Whole30-related food dream last night; at a restaurant with my dad and they didn't have a single thing on the menu I could eat. An hour after everyone else had finished eating I finally ended up with a handful of berries on my plate.

I spent a chunk of the morning out in the garden, weeding and watering the vegetable patch. I thought that the sun (cool but bright today) and all the stooping might make my headache worse, but I actually felt much better afterwards. Bit of fresh air and sunlight did wonders. And I'll count it as exercise for the day, with walking the kids to and from school.

Lunch was steak and salad with kale "chips". Kale is hard to find here, and expensive, but I bought a bag of baby kale to try these chips I'd heard so much about. Being baby leaves, I think they were a bit too thin, they were extremely crispy and fragile even though not burnt. Pretty tasty though, tossed in oil and salt and cooked in the oven.

Headache back full force in the afternoon so I had a nap before picking up the kids. We had a play-date after school and I had a herbal tea, a kiwi fruit and a handful of cashews.

Dinner was spicy roast chicken with some veges. Not enough veges, because they were too greasy after roasting in the olive oil etc spicy marinate plus chicken juices. I love me a bit of chicken fat, but I am having fat with every meal and it is starting to pall.

The formula for this W30 diet for every meal is protein + veges + fat (+ spices). Like most people, I'm sure, I usually try to cut down on fat in my diet. Now I have to make sure I have fat with every meal! The good fats, of course, for a given definition of good fats. In this case including olive oil and the fats from healthy free range animals. But several meals, like breakfast yesterday and dinner tonight, have made me feel quite greasy. Some days I doubt the wisdom of the W30. Headache is getting me down. But sticking with it.

D&D supper tonight and I ate nothing! It was my first big temptation challenge. The brie looked good, the chocolate even better. But I sipped my mineral water with a squeeze of lemon, in a wine glass, and got through the evening. Another day down.

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