Monday, October 14, 2013

Whole30 Day3


Kids back at school!

More Whole30 dreams - I had eaten most of a Freddo Frog (small chocolate) when I realised it wasn't allowed and I was very cranky with myself because I was going to have to start the 30 days over again. I was very relieved when I woke up that it wasn't true.

For breakfast I had leftovers from last night, roast pork and vegetables. Although I only had a very lean bit of pork, the vegetables had been cooked in the pork fat so they were tasty but a bit greasy. As I finished breakfast, I suddenly felt very nauseated for a few minutes. Luckily it didn't last. Very filling breakfast, I certainly didn't need anything else until lunchtime.

After getting the kids to school, I did the grocery shopping. Lots of fresh fruit and vegetables and a huge amount of meat. I suppose the cost evens out as I'm not buying any pricy junk food. I asked at this different deli and found sugar-free bacon at a reasonable price, so that is great. I bought ice cream and topping for the rest of the family, but nothing else bad.

I'm not missing any specific food, but I do miss being able to nibble at whatever I want whenever I want. Evenings are hard. I wander aimlessly around the kitchen, not hungry but wanting to snack anyway. Aside from that, I guess dairy is what I would like to reintroduce. Just a splash of milk in my tea! I'd love some yoghurt with berries, or of course cheese. But I haven't had any strong cravings at all.

My TOM has started a day early (on the forum some people's started days early and went longer than usual, changes to hormone balance with the change in diet). Considering I'm presumably dealing with sugar withdrawal and PMS I think I am doing pretty well. Not too much mooching around this morning, after shopping I did some housework then spent quite a lot of time making lunch.

Lunch was a huge salad with lamb. I usually have cheese as well, but not today. Fat in the home-made dressing (I have to have protein, fat, and veges with every meal - even if it is a snack). Also had some strawberries, which I had before the salad so it wasn't "dessert". This salad is a bit time-consuming to make as it includes grilling the capsicum and letting it cool so I can pull of the blackened skin and cooking the lamb and cutting up everything finely. But it's yummy and full of goodness.

For exercise, I went for a walk before collecting the children. Feeling a bit old and creaky today. My left hip has been hurting a bit when I walk for the past couple of months - since I got the flu - and I was hoping it would improve now that I'm not sick any more but it doesn't seem to be getting better. It's worst when I've been sitting for a while then get up and move. It never hurts very much, certainly not enough to stop me walking, but it shouldn't be hurting at all. Might have to see someone about it soon.

Watermelon and a cup of chicken soup for afternoon tea. I don't think I was actually hungry but today I really wanted to have something. Mid-afternoon slump, a bit tired and almost depressed.

At about 4.30 a headache started to develop, and it just got worse. By 6.30 it was making driving the kids home from Jasmine's dance lesson difficult and unpleasant. That was probably the peak of pain, but it is still nasty now at 8.30 pm. I assume it is sugar withdrawal, they say to expect it. Not fun at all.

I made spaghetti bolognaise for dinner, with zoodles (noodles made of zucchini strips, with a special tool I bought on the weekend) for me. The zoodles were great, really yummy.

Another day got through! I can see myself snacking tonight, but I'll make sure it's compliant food like cashews and an apple. Or I might just crawl into bed early and try to sleep off the headache.


  1. Hi Natalie, even if you do make a mistake, don't start over. You just keep going. I eat something a bit wrong on most days. That's part of life, and you keep it in proper perspective. Small deviations will be okay in the long-run.

    I also eat zucchini noodles sometimes. They are amazingly similar in taste to regular noodles. I took them with spaghetti sauce on top to the TOPS summer picnic this year.

    If your hip hurts, you should consider working on balancing exercises. I personally have had a lot of good luck in getting my joints to be happier since I've tightened up the smaller muscles around my joints to support them better. It's worth a try. :D

  2. Thanks Marion. My postural muscles/core are very weak so maybe that is part of the problem too.