Thursday, October 17, 2013

Whole30 Day6 - tired and craving chocolate


The fatigue has hit right on schedule. This morning I really really didn't want to get out of bed. In a kind of nice way, though, bed was so awesome! Soft and warm and snuggled down. I'm yawning constantly and very sleepy. Apparently I can expect a couple of days of this. I don't know how people who work in an office (or worse, with heavy machinery!) would get though this stage! The advice is to take it easy and sleep when I can. The idea is that now, after five days without grains etc, my body is doing the work to switch over to getting energy from fat rather than carbs. Should get my energy back soon.

Yet another W30 dream. In the others I was frustrated and guilty after eating something not allowed, but last night I dreamed I'd had a glass of milk and I just thought "stuff it, I'll eat whatever I want and start again tomorrow"! I had a big hunk of cheese (and felt a bit sick), someone came round with Easter Eggs and I took a handful and gorged on chocolate, and then there was a bake sale in the hall and I was going to go and buy cupcakes and eclairs when the dream ended. Quite a nice dream.

My jeans had felt good yesterday but I thought that could have been because I'd worn them a few days in a row and they'd stretched a bit - they were really tight and uncomfortable the first day. But today I put on clean jeans and they were just as comfortable so it really is me not the elasticity of denim! So yay.

Breakfast was leftovers from last night - pulled pork in lettuce leaves with salad. I'm getting used to having protein rather than carbs for breakfast.

I got in my (gentle) exercise by walking to the local shops to get a few things I needed before my big shopping trip tomorrow (like herbal tea and some lemons). Lunch was a feast: some leftover chicken soup then a piece of lamb fillet, a rasher of bacon because the lamb was so lean, roast parsnip, broccoli and carrot, a couple of pieces of dried apple. I am eating really well these days, but planning and cooking is very time consuming.

Crashed in the afternoon and had a nap until it was time to pick up the kids.

I've been really frustrated that I haven't had email for nearly 48 hours now. The message on my provider's machine says they are working on it with highest priority. Really annoying. Despite having internet access, I feel a bit cut off from the outside world.

Went hunting for food in the late afternoon, more from boredom and frustration than hunger. I managed to stay away from banned foods but still ate a lot - a punnet of strawberries, a hard-boiled egg, some dried fruit, and finally the last of the chicken soup that filled me up so much I couldn't possibly eat any more. Was left feeling uncomfortably over-full and yet still bored and frustrated! Odd huh? Is it possible that if hunger isn't the problem, food isn't the answer? Who would have thought.



Well, I've had a miserable afternoon and I wrote that line and had almost decided to give up (maybe just staying off grains but plunging back into sugar and dairy, scarfing down a chocolate bar before dinner) and then I went and read Just Jennifer's blog and she's about to go on medication for depression. I know what depression is like, I had PND for 10 months after my first baby and it was horrible. What I am feeling now? Some frustration at the world, some food cravings, a bit of tiredness. Nothing. No, not nothing, but nothing I can't deal with. If I decide to stop Whole30 it won't be because I haven't had access to email for 2 days.

Dinner was steak and salad.

Day 6 accomplished.

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  1. It is good to have many strict days in a row to get a person out of habits, and to also appreciate foods better after you introduce them back into your diet. Stick with it! :D