Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Whole30 Day5


I went to bed last night debating the wisdom of this Whole30 plan. Still headachy and deprived of treats. Woke up much the same, so I had a think about what it is I am cranky about.

#1 I'm sick of this headache. Is that a good reason to give up? Not yet. It is supposed to only last for a couple of days and it's been less than 48 hours. I should start feeling better soon if I stick it out.

#2 I miss junk food. Definitely not a good enough reason.

#3 I miss mindlessly snacking when I am not hungry. Definitely not a good enough reason!!

#4 I feel like I am eating too much fat, it is both a health concern and makes me feel a bit yuck sometimes immediately after eating. I queried this on the W30 forum and the moderator said that I wasn't eating too much fat, but suggested that instead of having fatty meat + vegetables cooked in fat all together I should try salad or raw veges if other elements of the meal are fatty. So I'll try that.

#5 I want milk and sugar in my tea. I am not enjoying black tea at all. Strangely enough, this is actually the biggest deal for me. Maybe because tea is so much less appealing that I am having a lot less of it, so I'm probably going through caffeine withdrawal as well as everything else. Still not a good enough reason to give up. I'll either get used to tea black, or I'll get used to no/less caffeine. And it is only for 30 days.

On the other side of things, my jeans are suddenly a lot more comfortable today, so I might have lost a little bloating around the stomach. Aside from the headache, I feel quite well today and not like I have the flu. The headache itself keeps coming and going, when it's gone I feel pretty great but when it's back I feel all cranky again.

Breakfast was a mushroom omelette with prosciutto again. Reasonably quick and easy when I don't have leftovers to eat. Lunch was chicken and vegetable soup, an apple, and a piece of roast chicken. Probably not enough vegetables, but I was full after that. Did a bit of snacking in the afternoon even though I wasn't really hungry; almonds, cashews and a banana. Dinner was pulled pork - the others had theirs in tortillas I wrapped mine in lettuce leaves with other salad ingredients. I didn't mind not having tortillas but I missed the salsa. I know how to make fresh salsa but I'll have to find a recipe for something similar to the stuff in a jar, just without the sugar. Overall I've had less vegetables today than other days, I'll work on that tomorrow. Cup of peppermint tea to finish the evening meal and I'm done.

My email has been down since yesterday evening so I haven't received today's inspiring Whole30 email yet. I need it! I got some writing done today, as my headache was much reduced in the afternoon - still wacks me in the forehead when I bend over though.

I had some tricky moments today when I just wanted to eat mindlessly but I never really came close to quitting. It's actually easier to have strict rules (no sugar! no dairy!) than to just say "eat healthier food". My nutritionist friend has recently got out of that whole area of work because it was so frustrating. Everyone wants a magic bullet, no one just wants to be told to eat a bit better and exercise a bit more. She is very much a believer in moderation. I haven't told her I'd doing the Whole30 but I did tell her I had a headache because I was detoxing from sugar. She said "eat some sugar then". I can totally see her point of view but I have struggled so much trying to, for instance, just eat treats less often. It is a slippery slope, so for the moment I am going for perfect.

Day 5 accomplished.

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  1. Hi Natalie, Well the body goes through a sort of drug-like withdrawal stage, which it sounds like you're going through. But that does eventually end. And then you'll feel great again, perkier for having less carbs in you. Love it that you and your jeans feel better.