Sunday, October 13, 2013

Whole30 Day2


I went to bed last night feeling a bit out of sorts (and had vivid dreams of a big fight with my brother!) but woke after a long sleep feeling good. I lay in bed for a little while then got up and made myself the baked eggs with spinach and tomato I'd been looking forward too. Yuck!! I couldn't eat them. Texturally horrible, rubbery eggs sitting in a puddle of water that had risen from the tomato and spinach. I also had three tries at making myself a cup of tea. I'm used to having it strong, but I'm learning that without milk and sugar, strong means bitter! The third try, teabag only jiggled in the cup instead of sitting in it, was much better.

So I sat with my cup of black tea and took a few deep breaths and started again on breakfast. A mushroom omelette, as I would usually make it but without any cheese grated in. Two eggs, lots of thinly sliced mushroom, shallots, fresh chives from the garden, salt, pepper, paprika, a tiny dash of chilli. Yay, success.  I also had half a slice of my uber-expensive prosciutto on the side. Not as much like bacon as I'd hoped but quite nice.

After doing some blog and forum reading, I did 30 minutes of dance. I was feeling pretty tired and hot and a bit nauseated after 20 (so unfit!) but pushed myself to keep going a bit longer. My shoulders started aching too - I have some trouble with tracks that make me swing my arms around a lot. I got a bit cranky with my husband when I realised he had turned the heater on while I was exercising! Here I was dripping sweat but he was cold because he had shorts and a T-shirt on so his solution was not to put warmer clothes on but to expensively heat up the whole house. And he only turned it off again with much reluctance.

A couple of days ago I bought a new Xbox Kinect dance game - Just Dance 2014. How they can call it 2014 I don't know, I'm pretty sure that even the songs I don't know aren't from the future. But I really like the music on it, both old and new. Some hilarious oldies like the theme to The Love Boat. Much better than the last one we got, which was Dance Central 3, full of music I don't know and don't like (probably American rap hits). I haven't even bothered with that one after a couple of sessions.

Lunch was chicken and broccoli soup that I'd made the day before. I blended it and the chicken didn't blend very well, leaving it kind of weird. A bit bland, but ok. Also an apple and a couple of slices of dried apple and some cashews. I'm full but struggling with not feeling emotionally satisfied by the food. I think I'm starting to feel the lack of starchy carbs and sugar.

Here are a few lines from the website about the Whole30 program that particularly struck me:

It is not hard. Don’t you dare tell us this is hard. Quitting heroin is hard. Beating cancer is hard. Drinking your coffee black. Is. Not. Hard.
Don’t even consider the possibility of a “slip”. Unless you physically tripped and your face landed in a box of doughnuts, there is no “slip”. You make a choice to eat something unhealthy. It is always a choice, so do not phrase it as if you had an accident.

I've been spending a lot of time reading through the forums, other people's stories. If fact today has been almost totally food preparation, planning tomorrow's shopping list for food to come, and reading about other people's Whole30 experiences. It is very enjoyable but I won't be able to spend this much time on it every day! Back to work tomorrow (my current work being writing a novel, but it's still work).

I had a cup of tea (black of course) in the afternoon, no snack. Apart from tea I drink water with a squeeze of lemon. I had a slight headache which went away after the tea so either the caffeine or the liquid helped.

Tonight I made roast pork with crackling - yum!
(photo by adactio)
My husband had made raspberry banana muffins in the afternoon, didn't bother me. He & the kids had jelly (jello) after dinner, not a temptation. But those potatoes roasted in pork fat! Oooooo. But I stuck with my broccoli, onion, carrot, parsnip, zucchini and celery (also roasted in the pork fat) and some cucumber (raw). I tried both butternut pumpkin and sweet potato, as I do every so often, still didn't like either of them. Couldn't force down more than a taste of each. It means getting enough carbs is going to be tricky. But I certainly had enough fat with this meal. I finished with half an apple to clear my palate a bit after all that grease.

Day 2 accomplished!

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