Friday, October 11, 2013

Whole30 Day0


I'm starting Whole30 tomorrow - 30 days of no grains, alcohol, legumes, sugar ... and no cheese! My true love cheese! Day 0 is supposed to be prep for the days to come. My shopping trip yesterday included compliant foods for the weekend, I'll need to plan again for Monday onwards. I've also spent some time going through recipe magazines, looking at all my flagged recipes and seeing which ones I can use or adapt.

I haven't done the recommended pantry and fridge purge because I live with three people who aren't doing the Whole30 (and still have two other houseguests) but I'll make sure I don't have any of my trigger foods in the house. That will probably just involve offering around (and eating) some chocolate tonight.

Today I read a timeline of what to expect when on the Whole30, including some headaches in the early days as you get used to no sugar/grains. I am a bit worried about getting enough carbs without grain. The Whole30 is not deliberately low carb, but the high carb vegetables on the list are mainly ones I don't like: the whole pumpkin/squash family and sweet potato/yams. I already know that low carb makes me miserable so I am going to have to make a big effort to eat carby fruit and vegetables.

I thought I'd make a note of how I feel now so I can compare it to later. Both of the last two days I've been very tired in the afternoons and had a nap. I did 20 mins of vigorous exercise this morning and felt completely trashed afterwards. Otherwise I'm feeling quite good. I've been trying not to binge just because I'm going on a diet tomorrow, but I have had various things.

See you tomorrow!

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  1. When I cut sugar out of my diet, I went through a week of being REALLY cranky. I was very snappy and made many, many apologies. LOL