Friday, October 18, 2013

Whole30 Day7


A bit less tired today. Bacon and eggs and salad for breakfast, then I did the grocery shopping. Felt a bit sorry for myself, all the things I couldn't buy and gorge on, but I got through it. Roast chicken and vegetables for lunch. Watermelon and cashews for afternoon tea.

My email provider is still having problems, but I was able to access my emails through their website today so I caught up with three days of motivational Whole30 emails. I really love reading them. I brings a real sense of community and support (that I also get through the forums).

I counted up the days and realised that it will be son's 7th birthday (and party) on my Day30! I can't give up a few hours early, and have to say "I did Whole29.5 but gave up with the finish line in sight" so I guess I'll be putting aside a slice of birthday cake to have at midnight! And some chips. And chocolate. Hmmm.

Dinner was disappointing. Fish always is. My husband and daughter won't touch it, but I occasionally cook salmon for myself (to be "healthy") and for my 6 yr old son who loves the stuff. I wasn't even allowed to have potato with it, so I had a sad plate. Oh well.

I tried orange sweet potato the other day and hated it, today I found white sweet potato so I tried that. Still yuck. Luckily the broccoli and asparagus were yummy and the parsnip was at least edible. A bit of cucumber and tomato completed dinner.

And that is Day 7 accomplished. A whole week!


  1. New follower here. Wishing you continued luck! I have a small amount of potatoes once in a while, but I view them and all grains as so toxic now, that they have lost their luster in my heart. Hope you can get there!

  2. Thanks Gwen! I'd actually just decided this morning to add a bit of potato even though it is not Whole30 canon (dangerous to do that, I know) because I am not getting enough carbs. I'll stay off everything else though. No interest in grains, alcohol or legumes. I miss dairy and sugar.