Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Too much sugar


I am actually really looking forward to starting Whole30 on Saturday. With guests here, more sugar and refined carbs have crept in. Two desserts so far this week, I made chocolate macarons for afternoon tea (and they lasted over three snack times, so I had quite a few), wine and cider, the usual D&D binge supper. Lots of cheese because I am giving it up in a couple of days. I've been feeling a bit over-sugared. My tongue got sore after eating macarons.

My dad's girlfriend is the polite kind who will only let you make her a cup of tea "if you are having one yourself" so I ended up having more cups of tea (with sugar!) than usual. I already mentioned my wide-awake night after having a cup after dinner. I'm just not used to that much caffeine. I didn't do that again, but I was having up to four cups a day.

Yesterday before they left we were chatting before lunch and it came up that garlic upset her stomach. I had been told this before, but had forgotten. And she also mentioned that she didn't like chilli. I had a sudden panic (not showing on my face, I hope!) as I had steak marinating in chilli and garlic in the fridge to make Thai beef salad! Not much chilli, I wouldn't serve something spicy when I don't know the eater's tolerance, but there was still the garlic. Luckily I had a chicken in the fridge so they went for a walk to the park with the kids while I got that bird hacked up and oven baked in about 30 minutes. I'm sure they would have been fine with sandwiches or anything, but it was a real stress moment for me until I worked out my lunch alternative. I am the planning kind. And I really didn't want dad's lovely girlfriend to feel like she was being "too much trouble" so I couldn't mention the problem.

So, anyway, they've gone and my mum and brother are coming today for two nights. I had originally planned two desserts and other stuff but I've toned it right down. I've bought ice cream and raspberries (the same as we had earlier in the week) for dessert one night, and I will make a batch of chocolate cookies as my mum can't have preservatives in most bought stuff. Apart from that we have plenty of fruit and I'll make normal healthy meals. I do not have to add cream to everything just because we have visitors! My mum is always a challenge to cook for because of her extensive food intolerances (it's me who spends a lot of time on it, she'd be happy to have the same thing every visit) but I've got that sorted.

And on Saturday (they'll leave after lunch, but I'll start first thing in the morning) I'll be on Whole30 and I bet my body will thank me for a break from sugar and alcohol and refined grains. Going to miss cheese though!

While shopping this morning I looked at every brand of packaged bacon and every one had sugar. I usually buy from the deli but didn't trust them to know whether it had sugar or not. Sigh. But I read somewhere the idea of dipping asparagus spears into a soft-boiled egg and that sounds really nice.

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  1. Hi Natalie, I've never done 0% sugar before, but if you make a concerted effort, even if your bacon has a trace of sugar, if you cut out 95% of your sugar out--well, that would be amazing. My opinion: Don't try to be stark raving 100% perfect, try to make it through the 30 days while making some excellent habit changes. :D