Wednesday, October 23, 2013



At supper last night I ate more than anyone trying to lose weight should, but still not a great deal by my own standards. I felt a bit nauseated quite quickly, so maybe my body still wasn't used to junk. I made people take away leftovers. I didn't sleep as well as I have been and still felt a bit yuck in the morning. I think my face has been a bit puffy, too, these past few days. Gluten? Could be anything.

Had a good, productive day; writing in the morning, doing some reading for a short story comp I'm judging over lunchtime, then some exercise. I'd planned to do some more Just Dance 2014 and I'd left myself plenty of time. But then I realised I had to put on the casserole for dinner so I did that. Then I spent about half an hour trying to download a free song (Katy Perry's Roar) on the Xbox and it kept freezing and rejecting and being annoying. I eventually gave up and didn't feel like dancing anymore so I switched to PowerUp Heroes. All that kicking and punching and blasting magic missiles might make me a bit sore tomorrow, it's a very different sort of movement. I can feel it in my upper back muscles. Near the time I had to stop to shower and go pick up the kids, the Xbox informed me that the song had finished downloading! I switched back and did that and a couple of other songs on "On Stage" mode which was fun - the focus is more on singing with easier movements. All up I only got in about half an hour of exercise today. Still felt like a good day.

(image from PowerUp Heroes)


  1. Next time you are tempted to grab some toxic food, remember how crappy you felt this last time. :)

    Good job on the exercise!

  2. Hi Natalie! I actually got to see a Katy Perry perform a mini-concert at an Obama rally. She was so awesome--absolutely as stunning in real life as in her photos. I love that song Roar too. :D