Wednesday, April 15, 2015

A better day


Sleep is going really well, last night I slept a solid six hours. That is such a huge improvement on the broken sleep I had been getting. I no longer fall asleep if I sit down in the afternoon.

I also had another day of clean eating, around 1320 calories and 80 grams of carb, the only processed food was some tomato sauce (ketchup) on my turkey burger (no bread).

Exercise has been more of a problem. My foot is still sore, I think this is day five. It is not all that bad, but it does hurt whenever I put weight on it and I'm concerned that it isn't improving. On top of that, today my left thigh was very sore all day - maybe I am walking in an unbalanced way because of my sore foot? And then my shoulder was playing up too. I did some Fantasia because it didn't require much from my foot, but stopped after 30 mins because it was hurting my shoulder. Oh well, hopefully it will be better tomorrow. I did what I could without making things worse.

The kids and I went to the library in the morning and spent some time there, then went to a toy store and we got some new Lego. Jasmine cooked us lunch, I did my hour of deskwork and the Fantasia, then the kids watched a movie while I read. I feel like we should be out doing more, my sore foot is really cramping my style.

Report card:
Diet: Great.
Exercise: Ok.
Water: Awesome.
Sleep: Great.
Mental health: Ok. Recovering from the weight disappointment.


  1. Glad Wednesday was a better day.

    Lego is a great toy - it's been going some years now. I used to enjoy building houses and tall buildings when my children were young .... and now my grandchildren are playing with and enjoying lego..... and as Grandma I still get to build houses, tall buildings and much more!

    All the best Jan

  2. I think that you compensate your foot soreness and it's hurting your thigh. I hate to say that but the best thing for a foot, it's to stay off it. Even getting a cane could be useful.

    I'm so glad you are keeping your head up Natalie, you will find a way that is working for you, keep up your mental health girl, it all start up there!