Tuesday, April 7, 2015



I started the day with a great breakfast.
Super lean bacon like that can't really compare to "real" bacon but neither does the calorie count! I got to eat 50 grams of bacon for only 70 calories.

I was a bit worried this morning about my twinging knee, my aching elbow and wrist, my return to sneezes and congestion; I wanted to shake my fist at the universe that doesn't want me to exercise! But after I'd been up a little while I felt fine. Better sleep last night, although it was my usual pattern of waking after a couple of hours and having to be very stern with myself to keep the CPAP on. Did it though. Five hours I think.

My plan was to go to the 10:30 Gymmy PT (Gymmy is my gym's mascot thing, I suppose it is a play on Jimmy) Lite session (for newbies) at the gym, maybe go a bit early and get some elliptical in first. But the internet was down so I ended up being there in time for the 9:30 Zumba session. I used to really like Zumba but the instructor started to take it in a direction I didn't like. She chose all the really aggressive crumping "I want to kill you and/or have sex with you" tracks (yes I don't understand how those two things can go together either). With hand weights. Today I decided to do the class anyway and it turned out there was a different instructor -- I'm hoping permanently not just today, I missed any announcements she might have made at the start -- and she did the kind of Zumba I like, Latin dance moves. They tend to repeat mainly the same tracks each week, changing over to new ones very slowly, so others in the class had likely done them all before several times. I dove in the deep end, luckily I am good at choreography. I got very tired though, the second half was not danced as it should have been danced! My feet refused to move at the appropriate speed. I got a bit of a shock the first time I checked my fitbit to find we were only 20 mins into the 60 min class... not nearly over yet! Heart rate up to 141.

After the class I was dripping sweat and red faced but I enjoyed it - I just would have enjoyed it more if it had been a 30 min class! I decided to try the PT session anyway, it was "only" another 30 mins and I was worried if I didn't do it now I would keep chickening out. There turned out to be only two of us wanting to do it, and the trainer said she was a qualified Personal Trainer but wasn't used to running this boot camp style class so she was just going to take us through a normal PT session. So I still don't know what the Gymmy PT class is actually like, but on the other hand I got a personal trainer almost to myself for half an hour so I'm not complaining! It was me and another woman who was a bit fitter than me but not so much that we couldn't do much the same things - she just held heavier weights. We did a standard sort of circuit with squats and bicep curls and wall push-ups and all that stuff. Not what I call fun, but it was good work out and very different to the Zumba cardio that I had just done. The only thing I couldn't do was sit-ups and she got me to do a different exercise where I was on my hands and knees and lifted alternate arm and leg and stretched them out while sucking in my stomach.

After the 30 minutes, two full circuits, the trainer said she was still available if we wanted more. The other lady said yes but I was totally spent! I was starting to feel a bit nauseated and just completely exhausted. So the trainer sent me off to do a 5 min cooldown on the bike (which I did very very slowly) then had my shower and ate my apple and went to do the grocery shopping (still slowly). I'm feeling a bit sore!

By the time I got home and had some lunch, there was only time to do a bit of reading before going out to pick up the kids. Pouring rain today (usually the kids walk home but they didn't take umbrellas today) and freezing cold. I really enjoyed some soup for my afternoon snack. Who would have thought cauliflower would make such nice soup? Yes, ok, the cream probably helps. I'm not too worried about a bit of cream in my soup after 100 minutes of intense exercise this morning! And for dinner I had barramundi (white fish) with salad and potato. I don't really like fish, I have it occasionally when I am feeling particularly virtuous. Salmon and barramundi are the least objectionable. Aiden quite likes it, but Tim and Jasmine refuse to eat it at all and I have to cook them something else!

With a couple of nibbles at my chocolate egg, I'm still under 1500 calories for the day. And I've drunk all my water for the day.

Report card:
Diet: Good.
Exercise: Fantastic!
Water: Great.
Sleep: Good.
Mental health: Mostly good.

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  1. Good Lord Natalie what is going on? You had all the "right" reason to miss your workout; pain in the knee, pain in the elbow and wrist and a returning congestion... You girl-up and went to have your fantastic exercise day!

    So amazing!