Thursday, April 30, 2015

Not thinking about chocolate biscuits


Today I had my eyes tested. I only got my glasses two years ago, I'd had perfect eyesight since I had LASIK surgery about 20 years ago. I felt that they had deteriorated a bit more, and I was right. I've gone from R -0.50 L -0.50 to now R -0.75 and L -1.00. I don't know exactly what the numbers mean except that my left eye is twice as worse as it was (yes I know that is bad English) and my right eye worse than it was but not as worse as the left. I've ordered new glasses. I also had all the macular testing and my eyes are otherwise healthy.

Then I did the grocery shopping and got mainly healthy stuff but also a few things for the weekend, then as soon as I got home I asked my husband to hide those things away (he is still home sick) until Saturday because I don't entirely trust myself.  The author of the Carb Cycling plan I'm using says to not bring treat foods into the house - buy and eat them elsewhere on your treat day - and that is an even better idea but less convenient. I'm hoping that getting my husband to hide them is enough. I'm trying not to think too much about it in advance because I want nachos and chocolate biscuits right now! Putting it out of my mind in 3, 2, 1...

I did the stupidest thing today. I had started making my delicious, time-consuming chicken soup yesterday and refrigerated it overnight. This afternoon I skimmed off the fat, pulled the falling-apart chicken meat off the bones, strained the used-up vegetables out of the wonderful stock - and realised what I was doing with the stock. I was devastated. I managed to save less than half of it. I added commercial chicken stock to make up the volume (otherwise it would be all chicken no soup) but it wasn't the same at all. Very bland. Should have just used what stock I had and half the chicken rather than ruining it all. Should have not lost the stock, if we're turning back time.

There, that took my mind off chocolate biscuits. Oh, wait...

Report card:
Diet: Good. I may have had a couple of squares of dark chocolate in the evening.
Exercise: Poor. Nil.
Water: Good.
Sleep: Fitbit says I slept well for nearly eight hours, only one period of wakefulness. But I woke feeling utterly exhausted. Could hardly get out of bed and spent the first half hour as a zombie. But I felt more normal eventually. Maybe I just woke in the middle of a sleep cycle.
Mental health: Mostly good.


  1. All the liquid gold down the sink! I feel badly for you...

  2. Ha ha I read your title and was thinking "Oh Oh what did Natalie do?" The poor man home sick, sitting your boy and now he must be the chocolate biscuits guardian... "Tim if you can her m, Take the biscuits and run man, your life might be in jeopardy!" LOL

    You are BAD, you might have had a couple of squares of dark chocolate, I will let that one slip because it made me laugh but next time I'll call the chocolate abusing police on you!

    I don't understand what you are saying about the stock...

  3. For certain foods, I find that the "less convenient" part is a feature, not a bug. I just do better with those foods if I make it inconvenient for me to eat them. If it is convenient (ie they are in the house even out of sight) I am far more likely to eat them than if I make the rule that I will eat those only when away from home.

  4. I so understand about the stock. It's happened to me! Chocolate biscuits, too. Those darn things...