Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Stormy weather


My dad was supposed to be visiting this week but can't because he's sick, and has been for weeks. Not sure exactly what with, he had some tests done yesterday. I'm trying not to worry too much. My dad lives quite a long way away and he usually visits every school holidays for a few days. We hardly ever go to him, it's tricky with Tim's work and too far for a weekend visit. He's got his girlfriend there looking after him (my parents divorced when I was six, and dad's second marriage ended years ago), but his health hasn't been good for a few years now. I always thought he'd die before mum, but he's held on through heart bypass and diabetes and who knows what else. He brings a box full of medication when he visits, and washes the pills down with wine. It's hard not to worry.

The kids and I had a busy morning, visiting the library and various shops. It is really windy outside, some trees down here but much worse on the coast. In Sydney it is complete chaos with major storms and three people have died and houses have been washed away. Here last night the wind was raging outside. Even today, it is a lot calmer but not pleasant. Not a day to spend outside, we hurried from place to place. The kids spent the afternoon anti-tidying the interior of the house. I did some deskwork and huddled in my jumper.

I made things difficult for myself with water intake today. I had a cup of tea with breakfast and then we were out all morning. At lunchtime I still had a whole day's drinking to go. But I just kept refilling my glass over and over and right now (just after dinner) I've had seven cups of water, three cups of tea, and a bowl of soup. Not bad! I'll easily have another glass of water before bed. That's pretty much what I did all afternoon; drank, and wore a path in the carpet back and forth to the bathroom.

I realised this afternoon that I wasn't feeling miserable. Isn't that nice! I've had a few hard days lately, but I feel good today.

I just recorded my food for the day all at once on fitbit, and it told me I'd gone over by several hundred calories. I was dumbfounded, I thought I'd done really well. I checked down the list and there it was right at the bottom; 250 grams of zucchini (I made zoodles to have with bolognaise instead of spaghetti) - over 500 calories!! Are you kidding me? There is no way zucchini has 2 calories a gram, more than most meats. I had chosen the first entry, just "zucchini" with no modifiers. I went back and changed it to "zucchini - raw" (I had weighed it raw) and it told me 250 grams of raw zucchini was 25 calories. That is more like it! 536 vs 25 for the same thing. So what on earth was the other type of zucchini? Marinated in duck fat?

Report card:
Diet: Great. Second low carb day achieved. High carb/low fat day tomorrow. I'm interested to see how that affects my hunger levels.
Exercise: Poor. Didn't do any. Around 6,000 steps going about my day.
Water: Excellent.
Sleep. Good compliance. It was bad night's sleep turn, though. I would love to start getting more than six or seven hours a night, and for the good night to be more than every second one.
Mental health: Good.

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