Friday, April 3, 2015

Good Friday Pinata


I had a piñata prepared that I didn't end up using a few weeks ago, so I decided we would use it today.  The four of us bashed at it, and even after we got the lollies, Aiden kept going until it was completely dismembered. Then the kids used the legs as colourful shoes. We had three lollies each then the rest went into the bags we are going to use when hunting eggs on Sunday. The way we deal with any large influx of lollies, like party bags or Christmas, is that the kids are generally allowed two pieces each day (after school). On the down side, there are periods when they have lollies every day for weeks. But they never have a lot at once, and hopefully they are learning about moderation. I don't know if it will work. I remember the frustration of having junk food withheld or moderated when I was a child. It just made me think about it more. But my kids seem to accept the rule. 

I did some Dance in the morning. I chose my daughter's Disney disc. It has some nice music. The choreography is a lot simpler than the adult ones, but just as energetic. 

I tried a new recipe for dinner. Unfortunately it wasn't great. I ate the chicken but left most of the rest. Then afterwards we all went cruising round the kitchen for more food. I had ice cream then cashews. I don't like when recipes don't work out, of course, but it's good to try new things. Sometimes they become new favourites.

I used my CPAP for five hours last night. I woke after three, but bravely kept it on and managed to get back to sleep. 

Report card:
Diet: Poor. High calorie all day.
Exercise: Good.
Water: Terrible.
Sleep: Good.
Mental health: Good. 


  1. Look at that poor piñata all bashed and in limbs. And you were commenting about my rabbit that got a quick and human death... LOL

  2. Suddenly Richard's rabbit butchering doesn't look as bad :) Happy weekend to you!

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